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Did you know?: Malik Shinasp Bin Khurnak

Minhaj Siraj referring to the Nasab-nama of Malikul Kalam Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah which begins with the name of Ala'uddin Jahansoz and ends with the name of Ghiasuddin Mohammad Saam (c. 580 H./1184 A.D.), considers Malik Shinasp (Shin Asp) bin Khurank to have been the Suri family ruler during the first days of Islam. This name is composed of Shin and aspie, (horse) and as Huen Tsang, the Chinese pilgrim, has mentioned it several times in his itinerary. Shin was a fine breed of horses in the northern and eastern parts of Afghanistan.[1]

I have not come across the ancestors of this family in other history books, but Minhaj Siraj who was associated with the Ghaznavid court enumerates the successors of Malik Shinasp and says that he (Malik Shinasp) embraced Islam during the caliphate of Hazrat AIi, and received a decree and a flag from the caliph.[2]

This is the first Suri ruler during in the Islamic period and around 36 H./656 A.D. about whom we know in Ghor. And as already mentioned, his contemporary Mahawi Suri ruled over Merv and, perhaps, both of these rulers were received in audience by the caliph.

Minhaj Siraj also did not know about the line of descent of the Suri family, since he does not know who the ancestors of Malik Khurnak, (Shinasp's father) or Sur (brother of the famous Zahak) were.

After Malik Shinasp till the rise of Abu Muslim Khurasani ( 130 H./ 747 A.D.) we lose track of the Suri rulers for one whole century until Minhaj Siraj again speaks of an indirect descendant of Malik Shinasp, Amir Polad, who should, at least, be a great grandson of Malik Shinasp and who, in the words of this author was in possession of the surroundings of the Ghor mountains and revived the name of his forefathers. When Ibn Muslim Mervzi rose and expelled the Omiads from ..→

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