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Did you know?: Kazim Khan Shaida

Kazim Khan Khattak surnamed Shaida. Kazim Khan was the son of Muhammad Afzal Khan, chief of the Khattak tribe and author of several extensive and valuable prose works in the Pashto language, who was son of the poet Ashraf Khan Khattak and hence Kazim was the great-grandson of Khushhal Khan Khattak, already noticed. He was horn some time during the five years subsequent to H. 1135 (A.D. 1722). On the death of his father, the chieftainship fell to Asadullah Khan Kazim’s elder brother, who, after a fashion too common in Eastern countries, considered it the safest and most prudent course to act with great severity towards his brothers and other near male relatives. Kazim, who was quite a youth at the time, could not brook this tyrannical treatment, and therefore separated from him, and even abandoned the jagir or grant of land, then in his possession. Asadullah, who appeared to have been rather more favourably inclined to Kazim Khan than to his other brothers, on becoming acquainted with the fact of his distrust, sent for Kazim, and used every endeavour to soothe his fears and set his mind at ease; and, the more effectually to bring this about, he conferred upon him an additional grant of land, and betrothed him to a daughter of one of their uncles. However, the suspicions and fears of Kazim, who doubtless had heard of the treatment the sons and grandsons of Khushhal had experienced at the hands of his own father-increased, at all this extreme kindness, to a greater degree than before; and he secretly fled from his home. Some say that he had an antipathy to his young cousin as a wife; and that, at the time, he requested his brother not to betroth her to him, as he did not like her. This Asadullah would not listen to; and, according to the Afghan custom, named ..→

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