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Afghan Wiki is an online, public collaboration of information on the history, geography, people, and general terminologies of Afghanistan. This site has been launched in November 2011 and we are adding more content regulary. You can also make your contributions to the already published pages or create new pages.

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Did you know?: Pashtones

The pashtones.jpeg
Name The Pashtones
Style Western Accoustic
Debut 2010
Started in Wisconsin, USA

The PashTones is a collaborative musical project based in the United States. It is composed of members Brian Tilley (vocals, flute, keyboards) and Ted Watter (guitar, backing vocals, percussion), though other musicians have joined the collaboration on certain songs. The duo adapt and perform folk songs in Pashto--as well as other languages salient to the Afghan-Pak region including Urdu and Farsi--in Western accoustic styles and instrumentation. American folk styles provide a particular influence. In doing so, the group aims to foster cross-cultural dialogue, as they describe on their Facebook page: "we wish to expand current modes of engagement and exchange between Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the West by opening into the register of poetry and music."

The PashTones formed in 2010, the result of a joint class project of Tilley and Watter, who were then beginning Pashto language students at the University of Wisconsin. They released their first, self-titled E.P. that same year, making downloads available for a small fee on their website. All profits from download sales went to Oxfam's effort to provide humanitarian relief to those affected by the 2010 Pakistani Floods. Downloads have since become free on their website.


  • Bibi Shirinay
  • Ro Ro Keda Qadamuna
  • Pekhawar kho Pekhawar de kana

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